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the trait of being meticulous about matters of taste or style

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Critics say that Anderson's fastidiousness is his downfall, that the fussiness of his vision restricts his actors.
With help from some of her mother's closest friends, including Ruth Ford, Lynette Havens, Dawn Somers, and Ga-brielle and Julie Alexander, Jennifer began planning the retirement party with the fastidiousness of a teacher preparing lessons.
Graham in particular is praised for his transcriptions of the Skene and Straloch manuscripts and his efforts to acquire copies of old Scots music for the Scottish libraries; but his claims to scholarly fastidiousness seem rather undermined by the fact that he bowdlerized his texts and altered tunes to make them more acceptable in contemporary performance circumstances.
Aside from that though, I thought Gatiss displayed a true fan-boy fastidiousness in recreating those fledgling Who years when, amidst the sea of "tweed, fag smoke and sweaty men", a young Verity Lambert broke through the male-dominated corporate glass ceiling at Television Centre to help create a show which would go on to withstand (fittingly) the test of time, fickle fashion and even the death (fictional or otherwise) of its lead actors.
In view of the fact that "Superl" had already appeared in Word Ways, Doubleday's fastidiousness was hard to understand.
Clergy who chafed under what they perceived as a mounting liturgical fastidiousness during the late John Paul II and Benedict years--showing up for a papal Mass, for instance, only to be told they weren't properly dressed because they weren't sporting enough crimson and lace--report all that ended in mid-March.
I point out this example of a difficulty understanding Bufacchi's thinking as illustrative of a number of places where I found the writing infelicitous and wished he had exercised more fastidiousness and precision when explaining himself.
There is good reason for such ethical fastidiousness, especially when legal disputes arise.
She knows what she has lost as the images of Arcadia warn her of the implication of her insensitive fastidiousness.
Davutoy-lu's efforts to answer each of them with courage and fastidiousness were remarkable.
However, such fastidiousness snuffs out any faint flickers of emotion and disjoints the narrative, repeatedly drawing attention to the ambitions of the man in the director's chair.
With Christian fastidiousness, the Church also ordained that on Holy Days, no whore should work between 6am and 11am or 1pm and 6pm.
16) It is possible that the linguistic fastidiousness of the Notebook is that of the earnest young student rather than of the older poet.
Showalter, for one, has referred to "Lily's ladylike self-silencing," and attributes her "inability to speak" to a fastidiousness of manners and mores whose demise Wharton was deliberately staging in the novel (1985, 136).
Mackey, a slick televangelist of penis power, that the filmmaker scores his biggest success, as the actor exorcises the uptight fastidiousness of Eyes Wide Shut," concluded (http://www.