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in a fastidious and painstaking manner

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Ever since Qatar came under siege in June 2017, Doha fastidiously renewed its maritime strategy by opening more links with Asian and other countries including Oman, Turkey and Iran in order to ensure uninterrupted supply chain.
Disorder and anti-social behaviour involving troublemakers associated with Sheffield United is an issue we are working fastidiously to eradicate," said a club statement.
As part of its justification for the announcement, the DfT claimed that these vehicles were involved in fewer serious accidents than their modern counterparts, and that their owners tended to maintain them fastidiously - citing a lower MOT failure rate.
Delays were encountered early on as DepEd and DPWH fastidiously conducted its joint validation of school sites from January to April of this year.
In Peter's school report card, a teacher wrote: "We know him to be a studious pupil who fulfilled his scholastic duties fastidiously.
I wondered if some hospitals were not as fastidiously clean and sterile as expected.
The "Myra Breckinridge" author and "Caligula" screenwriter, who fastidiously nursed public feuds with Norman Mailer, William F.
The hooks have been fastidiously designed with corner radiuses that are as small as 0.
In an era when a bar of wholesomely artisanal chocolate is irrecoverably bound to a fastidiously constructed brand, it's refreshing to see the trappings of "image" stripped off.
Eyespace managing director, Jayne Abel, told OT: "We were in a unique position to rewrite the rulebook, investing fastidiously in new technical media, which we continue to educate practices with.
Birtwell provided inspiration for the decorative Swinging Sixties embellished lace A-line mini dresses, and Floge's influence was seen in fastidiously embellished long-line and column dresses that featured bold Klimt-like patterns in bright blues, reds and oranges.
Apparently these exercises, done fastidiously by men every day for 12 weeks, can increase the time to ejaculation fourfold.
Fans of Itch will thoroughly enjoy this fast-paced, exciting and fastidiously researched book.
Elsewhere, the 25-year-old is shown fastidiously shaving as an exasperated Mills stands tapping at his watch in the background.