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in a fastidious and painstaking manner

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Who is planning to do what to whom with what begins to take second place to the physicality of presenting a show which fastidiously re-creates a period of escapism which at the same time attempted to perpetuate the wish, in post-war Britain, for the return of an Empire which had already begun to pass into the looking glass of history.
Marshall's thoughts are shared by Harbin, who will yield to tactical knowledge this afternoon but challenge his opposite man to beat a side of a professional footballers who have been fastidiously prepared, conditioned and motivated - as well as being the fittest in the division
This fastidiously maintained steel grey example was owned by Elton John until 2001, and comes with a sheaf of supporting history.
I recycle fastidiously, rinsing and separating, remembering which colour is which for the growing line of bins, and telling myself, yet again, to find out exactly what is meant by the 'wrong' sort of plastic.
Nonetheless, she lived in hope, fastidiously clearing away each day's detritus in readiness for tomorrow - and what?
There are a few lines which he wrote in his youth which serve as an appropriate epitaph: 'I was made with eyes to see, And taste to choose fastidiously, And ears to hear, enough of brain, To make most matters fairly plain, Enough of health for work or play, Of wealth enough to pick my way, Sense to enjoy, and arts to bring Soft nothings off a softer thing, A turn of wit, a taste for ease.
In a nutshell: Antisocial single woman smothers her only son and speaks much too fastidiously while doing so, which basically makes for a double dose of child abuse.
The elegance of the background created a classical framework for this timeless work, fastidiously crafted by Nancy Hermiston's students, who were sensitive to the stylized requirements of the score as well as to the political overtones of its base, the Beaumarchais play.
Ivo" a gentleman from Dubrovnik, who has a well on his property, fastidiously, charmingly, indefatigably ensures that all of his neighbors have access to it during water shortages.
The rectangular silhouette is fastidiously neat and exudes class, but, despite its urbane manner, I couldn't help feeling disappointed in Volkswagen's unexciting styling.
YOU MIGHT not guess it from their fastidiously maintained ultra- cool image, but Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are currently the hottest new prospects on the American rock scene.
Its albums--particularly the early ones--were fastidiously crafted fabulous concoctions of savagely dissimilar styles juxtaposed, blended, preened, and primped to pimp a rock bouquet both bombastic and effeminate.
Perhaps the critical turning point in Campaign '96 occurred in the second presidential debate, held in San Diego, shortly after the Clinton-Gore re-election effort had invested some millions of fastidiously laundered Indonesian rupiahs into a massive buy for a TV spot condemning a slow-motion, black & white Bob Dole for voting against the creation of the Department of Education.
Already, many have begun fastidiously cleaning off their artifacts and tools, Wood says.