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Synonyms for fasten

Synonyms for fasten

to join one thing to another

to make fast or firmly fixed, as by means of a cord or rope

to make secure

to implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible

to ascribe (a misdeed or an error, for example) to

Synonyms for fasten

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On the door end, fasten a second 4' crossbeam 1' down from top, then cut to size and fasten a pair of vertical 2 x 4 door frames 36" apart between lower crossbeam and floor.
At the other (closed) end, fasten horizontal 4' crossbeams at top and 1', 3' and 5' down.
Insert ridge board into the peak notch of each truss at appropriate mark on ridge board and fasten to header at marks with nails and hurricane ties.
Using right-angled metal ties on both sides of joints, fasten a 2 x 4 x 8' facia board to ends of rafters.
Measure and mark the angled end cuts needed to fasten 2 x 4 x 8's to the floor and to facia and inside of ends of rafters.