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(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity

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Darvish needed only 12 pitches to retire the side in the first inning and 10 of those were fastballs.
Those last four innings, I started mixing the fastballs in a little more, and I got them off-balance.
It has the leverage, the downward trajectory possibility, and the facility not only for velocity and movement on the fastball, but also for breaking pitches.
For whatever the reason (tighter wound balls, shorter fences, fewer developed four-seam fastballs, tighter strike zones, and souped-up bats), one has to pitch low in order to be effective.
Colon used it to his advantage, along with a fastball that finally looks to be up to speed.
15-16 Low fastballs make it difficult to hit a sacrifice fly ball; produce ground ball outs.
But one of the first things Hershiser taught Loe was to simply trust his fastball.
Some of these pitchers are able to throw a cut fastball, which can be effective but probably not as much as a slider.
Against Inland Empire he relied more heavily on his changeup after noticing the 66ers' tendency to look for his fastball after watching Monday's game from the stands.
His fastball, which was featherlight, was usually in the right spot.
And incorporated a split-finger fastball he now consistently uses as an out pitch.
The smart pitchers are always trying to disrupt it - throwing change-ups when the hitter is expecting fastballs, and vice versa.
I'd throw 20 pitches, and 19 of them would be fastballs.
After throwing 15 fastballs, each pitcher will switch with his charter, who will then throw his set of 15.
The Oakland Athletics' first baseman saw three consecutive fastballs from Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez on Friday, hitting the third one for a two-run single that handed the Angels a loss and Rodriguez his first blown save as the club's full-time closer.