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(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity

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We're also very pleased that Gracenote will offer our Digital Fastball service to its commercial developer community as a new way to electronically deliver large digital files back to Gracenote.
Other pitchers will go to their fastball up and out of the zone, or just off the outside corner.
And, in cooperation with the Atlanta Braves, Fastball will offer links to official Braves merchandise, ticket sales, player profiles and more from that team's own Web site.
What is so exciting about Digital Fastball is that it enables anyone to deliver virtually any type of file instantly, securely and in way that can significantly reduce costs and improve user satisfaction.
But in order for me to feel comfortable and let it go, I have to throw a lot of fastballs.
Good pitchers establish a consistent arm angle for their fastball, curve (slider), and change-up to prevent the batters from reading the pitch by its angle of release.
Beta customers may use the Digital Fastball service for six months at no charge in return for providing feedback to Intraware on the service.
Delivering a four-seam fastball high and without a lot of action can be dangerous.
Digital Fastball senders can also store their files externally in a secure environment and receivers can download the files they are entitled to receive through one of the industry's best digital content delivery networks.
As far as 2002 when I won 18 games, I was basically just a fastball pitcher and I reared back and said 'Here it is, hit it.
12-14 Inside fastballs freeze hitters looking for the pitch away; keep hitters from crowding the plate; create double-play balls (when hit on the hands).
As a member of the media, you get to swing for the fences during All Star Week at Fastball, Inc.
But one of the first things Hershiser taught Loe was to simply trust his fastball.
Some of these pitchers are able to throw a cut fastball, which can be effective but probably not as much as a slider.
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