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inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly

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We're not saying that parents should never feed their children fast food, but these results suggest fast-food consumption should be limited as much as possible," concludes Purtell.
However a new study found that fast-food consumption is simply a byproduct of a much bigger problem: poor all-day-long dietary habits that originate in children's homes.
In light of their findings, researchers called for more regulation of fast-food marketing to children.
Eight in 10 Americans report eating at fast-food restaurants at least monthly, with almost half saying they eat fast food at least weekly.
Despite the growing concern on consumer health [9, 10, 11], the fast-food industry in Uganda has grown in the past decade as evidenced by the emergence of multinational fast-food outlets like Nandos, Dominos Pizza Inn and Steers and continues to attract more proprietors like fast-food outlets in new shopping malls/supermarkets especially in the urban settings [12].
Councilwoman Jan Perry of South Los Angeles, California, wants a two-year ban on new fast-food restaurants in her district.
And while Linklater and Schlosser, who co-wrote the screenplay, are clearly aghast at the practices of fast-food companies and meat packers, they have not crafted an angry polemic.
A significantly greater number of fast-food restaurants are located within a short distance from schools than would be expected if there were no spatial dependence," the authors reported.
The author describes the epidemic of obesity in the United States and his own intimate affair with the multibillion-dollar fast-food industry, their cozy relations with government, and how healthy eating has come under attack from culture to culture across the world.
Fast-food fanatics who frequently gorge on high-fat, super-sized meals greatly increase their risk of obesity and diabetes compared with those who eat them less often, research today shows.
Director Morgan Spurlock has documented the impact the fast-food industry has on Americans' waistlines in his film Super Size Me.
Nutritional intake also suffered: Fast-food consumers ate more total fat, more carbohydrates, more sugars, less fiber, less milk, and fewer vegetables in a day than did those who avoided fast food, according to the study.
But Burger King seems to have made a concerted effort to fatten up its menu with bigger and badder versions of basic fast-food items.
But what everyone wanted to know was who would sign fast-food heavy hitter McDonald's.