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moving swiftly


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3 CONNECT 4 LAUNCHERS: Get ready for some fast-flying, 4-in-arow fun with this new twist on the classic game of Connect 4.
It is difficult for a fast-flying jet to use cannon fire to kill an aircraft like the Predator, which is propeller-driven and normally cruises at less than 100 miles per hour.
He said it was routine for fast-flying jets to cross borders for a short distance and that an investigation would determine whether the F-4 fighter was brought down in Turkish airspace.
The fast-flying birds afforded advantages for great buying or selling opportunities.
Witnesses say they caught a glimpse of a fast-flying object, headed westward, at 8pm PST (4am GMT) on Friday night.
It should be recorded from fast-flying objects over a longer period in the measurement campaign high-resolution images, so that the published specifications must be met absolutely.
After observing at Weldon, Richardson extrapolated his albatross soaring model to fast-flying gliders, factoring in their mass, lift, drag, and a few other factors specific to planes rather than birds.
The player with the most in head-to-head competition reaps the trophy, named both for a type of small, fast-flying duck and the hooded iron shots both men frequently need to escape the woods.
The fact that the bright coloration occurs in a variety of fast-flying insects supports this hypothesis.
But instead of fast-flying wasps or nimble-legged predatory mites, the rescuers are wormlike organisms called "nematodes," which wriggle inside the grubs and feed on them internally, killing the citrus pests in 24 to 48 hours.
No matter how well you shoot on stationary targets, fast-flying pheasants are a whole new ballgame.
People throughout Britain have seen these fast-flying butterflies moving overhead for hours on end, setting the scene for what could be one of the largest Painted Lady migrations in decades.
In the opening minutes, Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme charged out of his box and clattered Antoine Sibierski who required treatment - hardly surprisingly as he had just been clobbered by 14 stone of fast-flying keeper.
Wait until dusk falls on Friday evening and you may be rewarded with a glimpse of fast-flying Pipistrelles or Daubenton's bats skimming over the loch in search of insects.