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nuclear reactor in which nuclear fissions are caused by fast neutrons because little or no moderator is used

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The project has laid down a technological foundation for China to develop commercial fast reactors in the future.
Experimental breeder reactor-II; (ebr-ii) an integrated experimental fast reactor nuclear power station.
It could reduce highly active waste by recycling it and 'burning' it in fast reactors and it would provide us with further technological progress to bridge the gap to the introduction of fusion reactors.
There have been experimental sodium-cooled reactors in Japan and elsewhere, with 21 sodium-cooled fast reactors worldwide, according to Ron Johnson, a University of Alaska Fairbanks mechanical engineering professor who has worked closely with Galena's nuclear plant project.
Sodium-cooled fast reactors have been the most popular design for breeder reactors, with prototypes built as early as 1951.
The present fission reactors burn only the one per cent, whereas fast reactors can burn the remaining 99 per cent as well.
Thus far, fast reactors worldwide in service, including Phenix, Super-Phenix, Russian BN-600 and Chinese CEFR, all employ nuclear-grade sodium as coolant.
Further, studies indicate that gas-cooled and fast reactors have even lower emissions due to higher thermal efficiencies and lower fuel cycle demands, respectively.
In fact, India has a vision of becoming a world leader in nuclear technology due to its expertise in fast reactors and thorium fuel cycle," WNA adds.
In this thesis, van Rooijen (nuclear and radiological engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology) overviews the nuclear fuel cycle, the safety of fast reactors, and the Generation IV initiative, an international research initiative for the fourth generation of nuclear power plants.
In its nuclear energy expansion plans, the country is focusing on the construction of large pressurized water reactors and the development and piloting of high temperature gas cooled reactors and fast reactors, Cheng said.
Today, with increased attention being paid both to so-called "Generation IV" reactors, some of which are based on the fast reactor technology, and a new Obama Administration panel focusing on reprocessing and other waste issues, interest in some quarters has shifted back to fast reactors as a possible means by which to bypass concerns about the long-term storage of nuclear waste.
The SESAME project will improve the safety of liquid metal fast reactors by making available new safety related experimental results and improved numerical approaches.
At Argonne, new and returning INCITE researchers will conduct projects ranging from large-scale simulations of potentially dangerous heart rhythm disorders to running detailed numerical experiments of thermal striping in sodium-cooled fast reactors.
The report recommends that R&D to support these goals be focused in three technical areas: light water reactors and advanced light water reactors, high-temperature reactors, and fast reactors and advanced fuel cycles," said EPRI's Chris Larsen, vice president of the nuclear sector.
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