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a cunning or deceitful action or device

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But web gossip columnist Janet Charlton claimed on Saturday that the couple "pulled a fast one," the Sun reported.
HE has been deceiving opponents with his wily tactics for years, and here's Sir Alex Ferguson pulling another fast one.
If so are the council trying to pull a fast one and hope no one will notice?
I think that you are pulling a fast one here - I wish I could get a 68% increase in my pension.
The dog had only had a sprint trial around Wimbledon, albeit a very fast one, but a planned fourbend spin at Shelbourne has been scrapped.
They have a Doctor on premises with an optician and all the equipment necessary to provide a fast one day service on all prescriptions.
MERCURY regular Syd Vaughan is in danger of pulling a fast one when he suggests that weary train drivers don't get transport home, yet police officers might.
The pool was a fast one, very good to use, and the whole event was very well organised.
Although Smith feels the turning track might not be ideal, he said: "It's a right-handed track for him, and it is a fast one.
woman thought she pulled a fast one, probably until her recent arrest on auto insurance fraud charges.
But the House of Representatives [this summer] pulled a fast one on a public that overwhelmingly favors gun locks.
The period for which the latter calibration was made happened to be an exceptionally fast one.
Architecture and urban planning are sluggish; the crisis offers instant models of transformation where everyday urban situations that we saw at a low speed can suddenly be seen at a fast one.
This movie, however, pulls a fast one on the audience.
In addition to monetary contributions, the priests fast one day a week and hold weekly Masses to pray for healing the pain that sexual abuse has caused.