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a hectic and pressured lifestyle often characterized by recklessness or dissipation

the traffic lane for vehicles that are moving rapidly

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Warns Fast Lanes Leave Older New Yorkers at Disadvantage; Urges FCC to Keep Internet Fair & Equal
Eoe1/4A[yen] He further said, Eoe1/4EoWhen I see some of these buses and taxi drivers, I avoid using fast lanes, and give them way to go because if I donEoe1/4aot, his taxi car will bump into mine.
Washington recently made a $50 million investment to put the northbound FAST lane in place at state Route 543; if it is being underutilized, Davidson is hoping the research done by his team of BPRI staff and a cadre of WWU student researchers will shed light on how the lane might be best utilized to improve traffic flow across the border.
Overall, he said, the Turnpike Authority saves 30 cents every time a car uses the Fast Lanes to pay a toll, compared with the cost of using toll takers.
40am yesterday as the HGV careered into the central reservation, forcing police to close the fast lane in both directions for several hours.
The credits would compensate motorists for giving up their right to free use of the lanes converted to fast lanes.
DASHING STYLE: How the street would look with pavement red-route fast lanes
As a truck approaches a FAST lane at a crossing, a wireless RFID reader recognizes the unique identification number encoded into both the truck's windshield sticker tag and the driver's identity card and associates this information with import, carrier and driver information already submitted to the system electronically.
Union complaints notwithstanding, in an age when consumers have abandoned cash in favor of electronic transactions for many finaincial dealings, adding cost-effective Fast Lanes is hardly a radical departure.
Clear, a provider of airport security fast lanes, has been selected in a competitive bidding process to operate Clear lanes at Denver International Airport.
Thiella noted that 101-405 interchange's bottleneck are caused by its design: a one-lane connector from the northbound San Diego Freeway to the eastbound Ventura Freeway, a one-lane connector from the westbound Ventura Freeway to the southbound San Diego Freeway, and a two-lane connector from the northbound San Diego Freeway to the westbound Ventura Freeway that deposits drivers in the fast lanes.
HEAVY rain floods the fast lanes on many Los Angeles area freeways.
These drivers are accused of monopolizing highway fast lanes, oblivious to their fellow drivers, causing blood pressures to rise and knuckles to whiten among those they are obstructing.
While the rules are meant to prevent Internet providers from intentionally slowing data, the content providers will be allowed to pay for a guaranteed fast lane of service.
For a society that does not control the fast lane can very quickly go into crisis and decline.
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