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a hectic and pressured lifestyle often characterized by recklessness or dissipation

the traffic lane for vehicles that are moving rapidly

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Fast Lane will offer Red Hat's full portfolio of courses and certifications: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Middleware, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, DevOps, and cloud.
Slower fast lane drivers usually force vehicles behind them to break the law by overtaking them.
Fast Lane and Moonshiner's Moolah were released on the 15th and 22nd of May, 2012 respectively, and have instantly become popular with all Sunset Slots Casino players alike.
Under the agreement, VTB Capital Venture Business has led a series C investment into Fast Lane Ventures, valued at USD18m.
Traffic can be seen avoiding the men and their cars, but one vehicle fails to break in time - colliding with the two vehicles in the fast lane.
The Fast Lane service is designed to be used at security control to save time and give passengers immediate access to the boarding gate.
A few days later, Fast Lane transponders, which allow drivers to travel without stopping at toll booths, were provided for free.
Washington recently made a $50 million investment to put the northbound FAST lane in place at state Route 543; if it is being underutilized, Davidson is hoping the research done by his team of BPRI staff and a cadre of WWU student researchers will shed light on how the lane might be best utilized to improve traffic flow across the border.
Fast Lane UK, a leading IT training provider, has successfully delivered a new training programme for CommVault, a leading software and service company focused exclusively on data management to help its European sales teams to improve account management and sales skills.
Suddenly, the middle lane was hatched off and all that was left was the outer fast lane.
Fast Lane is an online community for those interested in the Nation's transportation system and its future.
after all I have come across many Jumeirah Janes and Mirdif Mollys also, pottering along in the fast lane of Sheikh Zayed Road and holding up traffic.
As the Audi passed, Tim pulled into the fast lane and within seconds he saw a Range Rover tailgating him.
40am yesterday as the HGV careered into the central reservation, forcing police to close the fast lane in both directions for several hours.
There are two entrance gates, the first is free to enter, the second can only be accessed using a fast lane card which can be bought from the machines throughout the terminal building for pounds 2 (or 4 euros).
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