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quick or easy earnings, "they are traders out to make a fast buck"

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He is a smart cookie and someone like that would be great because you would know he is not in it for the fast buck.
Mr Miliband picked out collapsed care home group Southern Cross as the worst example, saying: They may not have sold their own grandmothers for a fast buck, but they certainly sold yours.
Ryan is convincing Rhodri that Natasha has plotted all this to make a fast buck - and telling him she'd be better off without her," a source close to the Giggs brothers told the Sunday Mirror.
It appears that we loyal Test match attendees only count when they can't make a fast buck out of the part time supporters when the Australians are in town.
But any company which tries to strip Cadbury's assets to make a fast buck will run into huge opposition from the local population, and rightly so.
Even though I know I'm being exploited by card companies and florists and everyone else making a fast buck.
THE recent memoirs by Cherie Blair, John Prescott and Lord Levy personifies what New Labour is all about - greed and earning a fast buck on the back of others.
Vincent Archabbey's decision to invite President Bush to speak at this year's college commencement exercises must surely reflect a new low in the willingness of some male religious communities to sprinkle holy water on mediocrity and evil in exchange for 15 minutes of fame and a fast buck (NCR, April 27).
Housing is a basic right after all and we are being blown out of the market by investors trying to make a fast buck.
I love shopping in Key West, especially Fast Buck Freddie's.
That three minutes accomplishes everything Niccol fails at in the subsequent two hours: showing us how we've cheapened life in the name of making a fast buck.
She has no time for fly-by-night sales folk who think they can make a fast buck with a foray into the real estate business.
You should understand that you are not "married" to a stock (till death do you part), nor are you in for quick buying and selling to make a fast buck.
But the Lancashire lot have sniffed a fast buck and are laying claim to being the authentic Tolkien Country.
Finally, there's so much venture capital floating around that some of it will fund hare-brained schemes that try to make a fast buck on democracy, like Vote.