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(basketball) a rapid dash to get a shot as soon as possible after taking possession of the ball

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The Fast Break deals are only valid for 36 hours, or until sold out, whichever comes first.
The original two defenders (X1 & X2) would then sprint back and run a two-man offensive fast break against the new lone defender.
Because the fast break is our primary offense, we run it as often as possible, including after an opponent scores.
Like most up-tempo teams, these are the fast breaks we practice every day.
Meanwhile, the offense takes off on a 5-4 fast break (Diag.
Some long-haired Phoenix Sun clanks a jump shot, a Lakers big man taps the rebound out to the top of the key, Lamar Odom hauls it in and starts a fast break, Kobe Bryant finishes it with a flying dunk, Kobe is knocked into the photographers' row and he gets up to sink the free throw.
SINCE EVERY BASKETBALL team runs some kind of fast break that includes running, passing, catching, layups, and shooting.
Bringing structure and flexibility to your fast break
Lilley then drilled two 3-pointers and scored on a fast break to push the advantage back to 10 at the break.
The philosophy was sound enough, but it did not accommodate to the changing offensive game, particularly with regard to the 3-point shooting and fast break.
But Harvard-Westlake center Evan Harris easily swatted the shot to start a fast break.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 1995--Al McGuire, the legendary college basketball coach and television sportscaster, is the ``break-away'' star in a Johnson and Evinrude integrated advertising campaign which supports the company's national Fast Break Sweepstakes for a trip to Seattle.
Ever since Frank Keaney and Piggy Lambert pioneered the fast break in the 1930s, it has remained one of the great staples of offensive basketball.