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in a fashionable manner

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One morning a young girl called, fashionably dressed, and stayed for half an hour or more.
The waiter had no suspicions; Andrea spoke with perfect composure, he had a cigar in his mouth, and his hands in the pocket of his top coat; his clothes were fashionably made, his chin smooth, his boots irreproachable; he looked merely as if he had stayed out very late, that was all.
I looked up; three fashionably dressed men were just then passing--Englishmen, I knew by their air and gait as well as by their features; in the tallest of the trio I at once recognized Mr.
Lynde says the minister's wife over at Newbridge sets a very bad example because she dresses so fashionably.
Calling Karan's observation apt, Malaika said, "World over, being fashionably fit is in.
Summary: New Delhi [India] June 16, (ANI): On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora, who has recently joined Reebok's Fashionably Fit Family, will encourage people to celebrate the day on June 21.
com/t/fashionably-late-with-rachel-zoe/) Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe " in Oct.
STREET style with Breaky Wakey Ben - fashionably early with live updates online from 6.
Clientele is middle to upper income, well-educated and well-travelled with a strong desire to look and feel their best while being fashionably attired.
This week also sees the return of Warwickshire writer and actor Ginny Davis with her latest play, Fashionably Late for one night only.
After giving us hair accessories fashionably fit for all occasions, Goody brings its extended collection of the DoubleWear accessories, suitable for day and night
The central styles in the frames range are models 81101 and 81100 (pictured left and right) The men's style 81101 is designed to match a business dress code and features a fashionably enhanced brow line.
Mix and match these glass bottke vases for a fashionably eclectic look.
We also look at how to keep fashionably fit in trendy sports wear.
Available in a range of styles, the Athletique Collection provides comfort and stretch as well as fashionably inspired details, add officials.