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Synonyms for fashionable

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with the current fashion

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with current social fashions

having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress


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The result of the present study appears to confirm Agbonifoh's (1986) finding on the fashionableness of Nigerian products.
Yet what, to the Saulas, is also unavoidable, is that coffee quality must become a goal of the entire Spanish roasting community, now facing an incoming tide of Italian coffee brands that can capitalize on their fashionableness, as well as on their tastiness.
Seen from afar, Abstract Expressionism now appears as a movement that had long, slow, and often uncertain beginnings, all too brief a period of supreme achievement, and then a rapid descent into mannerism and fashionableness.
The study attributes the strength of RTA to purchases of computer workstations, increased durability and fashionableness of products, and the fact that the category has been given greater exposure at retail.
The Gibson Girl remained the image of American beauty until World War I, when the flapper became the vanguard of fashionableness, prompting the late Dr.
These new input devices show personal style and add to the fashionableness of the all-so-common computer station.
Fashion and fashionableness account for a great deal of contemporary art; it seems that the two worlds have never been more closely linked.
I think also that one can show that the fashionableness of a certain doctrine, whether it be postmodernism or neoliberalism, is related to the kinds of conditions Marx and Engels wrote about in The German Ideology--namely, that ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class.