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Synonyms for fashionable

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with the current fashion

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with current social fashions

having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress


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Ingrid Sischy's first issue of Artforum under Amy Baker Sandback inaugurated a new trend favoring fashionability, but the champagne had gone flat after Avalanche, Art-Rite, File, The Fox.
219) Instead of buying rare, expensive items meant to last forever as a material demonstration of status, the new Madawaskan consumer emphasized fashionability and value, and increasingly shopped to create domestic markers of 19th-century respectability.
We want our customer to know she is getting value for money without sacrificing on fashionability or quality.
Brand, fashionability & broad appeal essential.
The late rally came after a day of mixed fortunes, with many technology and telecoms shares taking a fresh pounding, while the old fashioned blue chips continued their return to fashionability.
The need to create urgency and fashionability around a country's 'brand' is stronger than ever and even Australia, which has long enjoyed an exceptionally high brand reputation, needs to keep its marketing fresh and compelling.
The market is now ripe for The Yellow Moon Band to make an impact with their woozy mix of '70s psychedelic rock and '60s Fairport Convention folk and if any proof were needed of folk's current fashionability, The Yellow Moon Band's album was even reviewed in the NME this week, scoring a very respectable seven out of 10.
Fashion was not just created through the adoption and use of Asian goods, but it was also shaped by a culture in which print was central; and it was the printing of information-visual, as well as literate-along with printing as a productive process, which produced a type of fashionability that could be "read".
I criticised the stylishness and fashionability of the clothing sold at garden centres.
Consumer use of label information in ratings of clothing quality and clothing fashionability.
And architecture is also subject to fickle barometers of fashionability and public taste.
Keymer gives point to this reading by establishing the contemporary fashionability of another intertext, the poems of Andrew Marvell, which were circulating in Whig circles as Sterne wrote.
We will be where we want to be, in terms of fashionability, within another month, when our new spring ranges will be available.
That is the point at which the very lack of fashionability becomes fashionable'' - Best-selling author Robert Harris on the Queen.
Its success is demonstrated by the fashionability of honey as an ingredient in a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes from celebrity chefs and women's magazines.