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Synonyms for fashion plate

a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

a plate illustrating the latest fashion in dress

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The hyper-feminine undertakings of gazing at fashion plates and playing with dolls persuaded women to yearn for feminine items.
A few more movies like this and Fassbender will be the male fashion plate of our time.
As played by Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones, this party girl is neither a sophisticated fashion plate nor a fragile wild child.
For example, she reproduces Alfred Stevens' Hesitation, 1867, to supplement the fashion plate and carte de visite often compared to Camille (Woman in a Green Dress), noting that Stevens' Victorian sentiment offers a sharp contrast to the psychological complexity of Monet's painting.
Summoning his chutzpah, his canny fashion sense, and his close study of Warhol and Richter, Hod has turned a Holocaust victim into a fashion plate.
There was another fashion plate at Buckingham Palace as well: The new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wore a sand-colored dress by the British label Reiss.
The eight-part series, 'Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend', comes after the toymaker's recent update of Barbie, who turns 52 this year, as a fashion plate with high-style outfits.
Fashion plate, perpetual romantic lead and, let's face it, one of our tastier slices of gratuitous cheesecake - even she has succumbed to the lure of the celebrity sex tape.
Far from being the mere fashion plate usually depicted, she had great charm and considerable shrewdness, especially about money, and even after catastrophe had overtaken her brother Pauline retained a tidy fortune to the end.
NEVER quite the fashion plate that she would dearly love to be, Madonna, right, has successfully exploited her formidable personality in other ways.
In her description of a typical 1912 Lepape hand-colored (via the expensive pochoir stencil process) Gazette fashion plate depicting a woman wearing a Poiret ensemble possibly inspired by Leon Baskt's Ballets Russes costumes, Davis's vivid descriptive power nearly compensates for readers themselves not seeing the "mustard, emerald, and fuchsia tones .
Along with many Sarasota businesses, we're boasting about our own--a fashion plate named "The Clown Wore Prada.
You weren't exactly a fashion plate, but who cared?
In high school the all-American cheerleader, fashion plate, homecoming queen, blonde bombshell, and Olympic-class figure skater, she grows into a jazz singer, all-'round Negrophile, and devoted connoisseur of the black male body.
With all the fascinating merchandise in the marketplace and the sparkle of accessories providing opulent touches, there's no reason for you not to get all dressed up and feel, as well as look, like a regal fashion plate.