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a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

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The murder triggered widespread outrage on social media when the family of aspiring fashion model rejected claims that Mehsud was a member of a terrorist outfit and had any criminal record.
Debuted as a fashion model, Angelababy has an acute instinct for posing in front of the camera and her smile is surely going to melt everyone's heart, 'Every her movement and pictures look flawless
New Delhi [India], Sep 03 ( ANI ): Fashion model Gigi Hadid and pop star Zayn Malik spent time celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.
9 In 2008 and 2009, Lohan worked as a fashion model and launched which clothing line?
Fouzia ia a leading fashion model and has also appeared in several TV commercials.
Police youth services officer PC Peter Whitehouse (left) and |Ravensthorpe fashion model Aaqib Zahoor are promoting the antismoking message to children in mosques.
During regular spins, payout is doubled when there's a Wild - either the male or female Fashion Model - in the winning combination.
The rock star and the fashion model will exchange their "I Dos" this July in Hotel El Ganzo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico then will fly to South Africa for their honeymoon.
He posed as an agent for fashion models and claimed that he ran his own advertisement company.
With soccer, read the world game, gaining in popularity and profile, the author manages to combine two well known contemporary pastimes in celebrity and sport to plot the adventures of Lucia Zoffi daughter of a prominent Italian football legend and an Australian fashion model.
BBC3's series will see eight women with disabilities compete to prove to a panel of industry experts they have what it takes to be a mainstream fashion model.
Rebekah said: "It's a new style of fashion model competition and so even established models are a little uncertain as to exactly what the judges are looking for.
Selznick Studios paid a six-figure salary to former fashion model Anita Colby in the early 1940s and tapped her to dress best actress winner Jennifer Jones for the 1943 Oscars.
She once worked as a model and was a natural to play the role of high-powered fashion model Nikki Clark on the MyNetworkTV series, Fashion House.
Eighteen months after her ordeal at the hands of the sadistic 'Stiletto Murderer', fashion model and forensic psychology student Makedde Vanderwall must confront her demons when she returns to Sydney for the trial.