fashion designer

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someone who designs clothing

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It is a coming together of one of India's foremost fashion designers and a leading fashion institute in the country.
Among girls and fashion designers, the first place went to modelLala Muradova and Gunel Aliyeva.
Nilofer Shahid called 'the runway Empress of Pakistan: is one of the greatest fashion designer of Pakistan.
Although Hermez feels there is an emerging interest among financial backers and investors to finance fashion designers, she says there is not enough yet to meet demand.
This year, Moda Mindanao's judges are stylist and fashion magazine editor in chief Pam Quinones, acclaimed fashion designer Ken Samudio, Mindanawan fashion designer Jared Servano, fashion designer and couturier Bobby Castillo, and businesswoman Jackie Dizon.
I remember the time when there were few scattered individual shows done by India's fashion designers that were more like social gatherings over drinks and dinner than commercial events that they are today.
I love detail, and I love to accentuate the woman's body to make her look the prettiest," said the Alexandrian fashion designer.
This April 24, 2014 file photo released by Carnegie Hall shows, from left, former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, fashion designer and honoree Oscar de la Renta, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg at the 2014 Medal of Excellence Gala in New York (AP Photo/Carnegie Hall, Chris Lee, File)
Dubai: A fashion designer was beaten brutally and his mobile phone stolen when he used it to take photographs of three alleged bootleggers hiding liquor bottles under his vehicle.
KARACHI -- Pakistani fashion designer Deepak Perwani has been nominated for first round of the Bulgarian Fashion Awards for the year 2014.
A NEWCASTLE-based fashion designer is flying the flag for commercial creativity after her niche clothing collection took her all the way to Turkey.
While this could have appeared in our Crafts section for illustrators, it's featured here so that no fashion designer misses these specific details geared to translating ideas into examples.
Yousuf Bashir is an internationally known fashion designer and was invited to deliver lectures at the Ibn Khuldoon National School and the Royal University for Women.
Mr Leung will work with fashion designer Veronique Leroy in Paris for a month.