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The connection of the muscle fasciculi with the left musculature and in turn with the musculature of the right atrium may have selective role in the conduction and propagation of conduction and act as an accessory pathway.
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Adnotationum academicarum fasciculi tres: des functionibus systematis nervoisi et observations anatomicopathologicae.
1) Nerve abscess may occur in various forms of leprosy (1) due to caseation of nerve fasciculi leading to cold abscess formation.
Structural features typically associated with normal Galaxea fascicularis septa, such as acicular and fusiform crystals and well-defined fasciculi (Fig.
In the areas of the thin fasciculi (Goll), the wedge-shaped fasciculi (Burdah), and the main ventral fasciculi, there was less perivasculitis but some small glial nodules, and demyelinated nerve fibers; mononuclear cells were present in the spinal canal.
When a neurilemmoma arises from a major peripheral nerve, Seddon recommends enucleation by incision of the epineurium and dissection between the tumor capsule and the nerve fasciculi.
The 1592 volume of altus partbooks contains three editions of motets by Orlando di Lasso published in Nuremberg by Catharina Gerlach (widow of the printers Johann Berg and Dietrich [Theodor] Gerlach): Selectissimae cantiones, quas vulgo motetas vacant, partim omnino novae, partim nusquam in Germania excusae, sex et pluribus vocibus compositae (1587; RISM L 976); Altera pars Selectissimarum cantionum, quas vulgo motetas vocant, quinque et quatuor vocibus compositarum (1587; RISM L 977); Fasciculi aliquot sacrarum cantionum cum quatuor, quinque, sex et octo vocibus .
The first study to do so examined white-matter integrity in alcohol-nai've FHP adolescents compared with age- and gender-matched FHN youth and found reduced FA in the superior and inferior longitudinal fasciculi, as well as the anterior superior corona radiata in FHP youth (Herting et al.
At the level of middle or distal portion of posterior aortic cusp, AV bundle gives off fine fasciculi of the main Lt bundle branch.
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