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an installment of a printed work


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Newer RGC axons have contact with the axons of older RGC and use these older RGC axons to move along, or possibly fasciculate, with their adjacent axons.
Just before the Parafusulina solidissima fusulinid Zone (= Bairdia aculeata ostracode Zone) the final disappearance of most of the fasciculate and massive colonial Rugosa, as well as the solitary corals with dissepiments, takes place.
A: Spermatic cord containing a 5-mm nodule of ectopic adrenal cortical tissue, surrounded by a connective tissue capsule, composed of zona fasciculate and zona glomerulosa (hematoxylin and eosin x40).
1A) numerous, fasciculate, 5-30 cm long; laminae linear-lanceolate, 1-pinnate or occasionally 2-pinnate in the largest medial pinnae, 4-24 x 1-3.
Clades B and C are both characterized by hypogynous bristles but differ in their inflorescence types with B having congested, fasciculate inflorescences and C having capitate inflorescences.
Other plants found at the site included Agalinis fasciculate (Ell.
4A), inserted onto the rhizomes at narrow angles, fasciculate (internodes 0.