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an installment of a printed work


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Besides the texts, commentary, and elegantly presented music, Cosart's edition contains an introduction that briefly introduces W1 as a whole, investigates the remains of its tenth fascicle (without speculating what pieces appeared in its missing portion), and offers some repertorial and analytical remarks on the two types of pieces--conductus and tropes--contained in the extant gathering.
Nerve Transfer Options Injured Nerve Nerve Transfer Function Restored Musculocutaneous Median and ulnar Elbow flexion fascicles Axillary Radial fascicles Shoulder stability and abduction Suprascapular Spinal accessory Shoulder stability (XI) fascicles and abduction
Fascicle 24 is particularly rich in its editing issues.
Some familiarity with the fascicles would have helped McSweeney with the following reading of Dickinson's famous "I Felt a Funeral in My Brain":
With the median nerve fascicle estimated to be 4 mm in diameter, the electrodes penetrated well into the fascicle.
His atlas, Pathological Anatomy: Illustrations of the Elementary Forms of Disease, was published in 1838 in 12 separately printed fascicles, each of four plates in its own wrappers, and dedicated to his early inspiration, Dr James Jeffray.
Dogen's interpretation in the Bussho fascicle deepens this understanding in four ways.
135-141, Tom 51 (65) Fascicle 3, Special Issue, ISSN 1224-6077, June 30--July 1, 2006, Bucharest, Romania
Topics include Buddhist motions of succession and transmission in India and pre-Chan China, the emergence of Chan lineage, the life of Qisong, his composition of the True Lineage texts and the campaign for their acceptance at court, a reading of the first fascicle of the Critical Essay on the True Lineage of the Transmission of the Dharma, and the Critical Essay revised and defended.
Table 1: fascicle microstructure size Characteristic Mosquitoes Cicada parameters jaw maxillary Sawtooth height 1.
Total perimeter of the nerve and diameter of each fascicle were also determined.
The cost of the volumes is very heavily subsidized by The Packard Humanities Institute, so that each volume currently costs only US$20 to US$30 per fascicle.
pilocollaris are similar in the start of the branchiae and the absence of posterior notopodial spines, but differ with respect to the maximum number of hooded hooks per fascicle and the presence of unidentate hooks posteriorly (Blake & Kudenov 1978).
This coordinates forces and deformations within the fascicle, protects damaged areas of fibres against over-extension, and provides a mechanism whereby myofibrils can be interrupted to add new sarcomeres during muscle growth without loss of contractile functionality of the whole column.
Nerve fascicles from branches of human sciatic nerves were traced to create fascicle maps.