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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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The fascias are manufactured at Magnas DexSys manufacturing division in Delta Township, Mich.
Fascias are the visible boards that surround the perimeter of your roof.
The newly introduced myCostcutter, with its modern black fascia and focus on quality fresh food, will sit at the top end of the market and compete with the likes of Waitrose and M & S, while the refreshed standard white fascia will sit in the middle and Kwik Save will service the bottom end of the market.
Branded sportswear and fashion apparel retailer, John David Group said like for like sales for the 24 weeks to July 15 had improved in both its Fascia groups.
The Bayflex RRIM 180 system was used to create the front and rear fascias.
In the front fascia, the material is reinforced with mica by means of a Bayer-patented technology, while the rear fascia, rocker panels, rear bumper cover, and the spoiler are reinforced with wollastonite.
New aluminum soffits (the surface on the underside of eaves) and fascias (the vertical trim under the shingle edge) won't peel or rot, so they'll last for decades with no maintenance.
Fascia Deco is a privately held business developing and manufacturing innovative exterior aluminum fascias and friezes using patented designs registered in the U.
Blakemore Wholesale has launched Apex Local Stores as an alternative fascia to lifestyle Express for its Landmark Wholesale cash & carry retail customers.
Today, IMD technology has progressed to much larger 3D parts such as entire instrument panels, bumpers, fascias, roofs, and even hoods for cars and trucks.
The Material Award went to molded-in-color fascias on DaimlerChrysler's 2000 Neon.
At NPE, the P-250iA/15 will simulate painting plastic fascias.
The fascias, which can be used by members of its retail club, will operate under the strapline 'What a difference Today's make'.
Until now, thermoformed TPO fascias have replaced injection molded versions only on low-volume programs.
Both the bumper fascias and the body-side claddings on the Avalanche are molded with the company's engineered polymers.