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Synonyms for space

Synonyms for space

an extent, measured or unmeasured, of linear space

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

a rather short period

Synonyms for space

a blank character used to separate successive words in writing or printing

the interval between two times


one of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff

(printing) a block of type without a raised letter

place at intervals

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We present two cases of deep fascial space infections of the neck that occurred at our institution during the past year.
Fluctuation in the negative intrathoracic pressures tends to draw the contents of the fascial spaces into the mediastinum.
The fasciae and fascial spaces of the head, neck and adjacent regions.
Descending necrotizing mediastinitis is a less common but more virulent form of mediastinal infection in which the pathology originates in the fascial spaces of the head and neck and extends down into the mediastinum.
3) The presence of air in the fascial spaces of the neck may also be seen in cases of deep-space infections, neoplasms, and spontaneous perforation of the esophagus (Boerhaave's syndrome).