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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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The fascial layers of the spermatic cord opened, divided, and separated.
With embalmed cadaveric specimens, the majority of fascial tissues are either ignored or difficult to discern during a dissection.
Fascial tissue contains nerve and blood vessels, along with over 10 times the number of sensory receptors found in muscle.
At the conclusion of the procedure, no durotomy or leakage of CSF was noted, and a Valsalva maneuver as well as watertight fascial closure was performed.
The characteristic presentation of such a hernia is a local mass visible at the level of the fascial defect, which becomes more prominent in the weight-bearing position or resisted dorsiflexion of the ankle (2,5,8,10).
Attention to detail, a thorough knowledge of anatomy, and familiarity with the normal fat planes and fascial compartments of the neck are crucial.
The mass did not appear to extend through the underlying fascial plane.
For many years, the standard operative management of rectocele was a posterior colporrhaphy, which usually included a fascial plication and sometimes a levator plication.
necrophorum, an anaerobic bacteria that is part of the normal flora of the oropharynx, but is capable of producing toxins that can dissect fascial planes and stimulate platelet aggregation.
Some threads of the fascial web work will shorten, while others will lengthen, causing distortion.
A six-year clinical assessment of electronic fascial thermography," Dentomaxillofac Radiol, November 1996.
Beneath the skin, progression along the fascial planes can rapidly compromise the cutaneous blood supply.
15) New techniques such as cautery and fascial interposition may make vasectomy even more effective.
Large series of ES have suggested that lesions above the fascial planes carry a better prognosis.
However, oropharyngeal infections, such as quinsy, Ludwig's angina, and retropharyngeal abscess, are cause for concern since they tend to spread along the fascial planes.