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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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Fascia Bowen may also reduce high blood pressure and cortisol levels, boost the immune system and increase serotonin levels.
It is important to attempt to define the word fascia, as it does not have a clear and concise definition.
In this article, postauricular fascia is described as an autologous donor tissue that was found to produce a durable and pliable graft for rhinoplasty augmentation.
A trapezoid-shaped structure of pubocervical fascia serves as a kind of hammock on which the bladder is believed to passively rest.
Primarily, Bowen moves are made directly on muscles (although some moves are also performed on tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves), but because all these structures are surrounded by a network of fascia, it is inevitable that whatever structure is activated, the fascia that surrounds it (and is integral to it), is affected at the same time, albeit with slightly different physiological effects.
The retailer's name will also be incorporated into the new fascia along with the strapline 'Your Local Hero'.
Perma-Tite System 200 Fascia is ideal for fully adhered, mechanically attached or stone ballast EPDM or TPO single-ply roof systems.
Tergite 6 with 3 pairs of spots similar to those of tergite 5, but the lateral spots much larger than those of tergite 5 and all 3 pairs of spots continued by a transverse fascia along anterior margin.
Identify the rectovaginal septum and attach it to the medial fascia of the levator ani and reconstructed perineal body with permanent, nonabsorbable sutures.
In contrast, the Marauder gets unique headlamps with smoked lenses and blacked-out trim, a body color (gloss black) grille with chrome Mercury emblem (program manager Steve Babcock hopes to eventually replace the "waterfall" emblem with one showing the profile of the god Mercury), front fog lamps, unique 18-in, wheels with the "god's head" emblem on the center caps, smoked rear light clusters, the Marauder name stamped in the rear fascia, and 3.
This year, Solvay's focus was on DaimlerChrysler's 2001 PT Cruiser, which uses metallic-pigmented TPO in a partially painted, two-tone fascia.
SuturTek Incorporated, a medical device company with a unique, patented safe-suturing solution, today announced it has received an Early-Stage Company Award from the Massachusetts Medical Industry Council (MassMEDIC) for its SuturTek 360[bar] Fascia Closure Device[TM] .
The fascia, which has Loco written in red and green on a white background, with a green leaf over the o, is being launched at the buying group's annual conference in Malta today as a secondary brand for retailers who want to open a store where there is already a Nisa store nearby.
Gena with a broad transverse fascia between antenna and compound eye.