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Synonyms for fart

expel intestinal gases through the anus

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For those who want more stink and laughs, the Fart Store contains a number of themed Fart Packs available for instant purchase.
Then the officer said that a lady from Fort William had complained about the FART lettering and found it offensive.
With the old farts converted, it should mean a few more bums on seats this weekend.
We were competing with some of the largest candy companies in America, and retailers, industry professional and lastly, show attendees chose us because Farts Candy is a fun product.
The worst are the ones that demand your attention for 90 minutes - rather like farts.
Using state of the art technology, advanced weapons, and new atomic farts, hunters will be running in horror from this avenging stag.
Enclosed three-wheeled vehicle to launch in 2015, will get 84 mpg, trap less CO2 than a year's worth of one cow's farts
Zayn revealed that he (Niall) doesn't like him telling others, but he farts the most out of all other members of the group.
Washington, Nov 5 (ANI): Jessica Simpson has admitted that she farts 15 times more than an average person.
And Rod Stewart adds: "I've played 48 times at the venue, Elton's played 60 times, so 108 times all together is not bad for two old farts.
The quality of our humor has been so degraded, the only way to get laughs is to show exploding horse farts,'' he said about the Bud Light spot.
Teenagers often see possibilities of humor, creativity and social sanction in farts that would usually go right over the heads of most adults.
l The `lighting his farts' scene in Dumb And Dumber when Jim Carrey, er, tries to light his farts to impress a lady.
Because farts are hilarious and witnessing a deer fart is like seeing a unicorn.
The Gentleman's Fart Alarm- It's a simple fact: Every man farts.