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a method of athletic training (especially for runners) in which strenuous effort and normal effort alternate in a continuous exercise

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Start with 15 minutes steady jogging then 45 minutes fartlek of two minutes jog, two minutes at pace, one minute walk, recovery, then repeat
Typically endurance training involves LSD runs, HR fartlek, and perhaps light intervals.
Thu 10 mins easy, then 20 mins fartlek (free-form fast and slow running)
On your long training route, run at a steady pace but for your shorter run make it more interesting by doing fartlek (interval) training - running for five minutes then jogging for three and so on.
Hence, the reader encounters teasing but false etymologies--such as Tearle's account of the etymological derivation of fartlek (p.
The essence of Fartlek is it is shaped by the individual but should contain some of the following elements: Five minutes warm-up followed by about half a mile of good pace running followed by jogging until recovered.
Keep fast strides during warmup, as well as fartlek and short and medium hills at a fast pace.
Interactive elements (which are all clearly signposted, for any little ones who may be under the impression they are going to a pint-sized improv session) included the wondrous bicycle of energy, a flipper-influenced illustration of how diet effects athletic productivity and a demonstration of the Fartlek training principle using the medium of contemporary rhythmic gymnastics.
So circuit and fartlek sessions are how a mixture of both speed and endurance are developed and then maintained during the season.
Fartlek training is a way of increasing your endurance and speed.
The lung searing frenzy of interval workouts and fartlek training are brutal components, and necessary evils, of the life of the competitive runner, for they bring him closer to that precipice Parker calls "death" without fully embracing it as a race does.
Thurs: 10 mins easy, then 20 mins fartlek, then 10 mins easy.