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Synonyms for fart

expel intestinal gases through the anus

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Mind you, one might easily say that watching grown men hitting and chasing a small ball around a field is the ultimate in farting around.
Okay so it has been a complete and utter disgrace that we squandered so much cash farting around.
If you're content farting around beneath the coping, not hitting tile (or even clearing the light
When asked if the winner's tendency to jump left had any significance, Morris replied: "He was just farting around.
The result - Farting Around in Disguises - pleased him so much he wanted to team his Liverpool performers against other improvisers.
Farting Around In Disguises takes its name from a description of the acting profession by a young Peter O'Toole.
With this show Farting Around in Disguises it is not so much a show as a masterclass in improvisation.
They had Emerson farting around, Juninho farting around - and Rava- nelli was marked out of the game by Chris Perry.