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a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally

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With complete disregard for Poe's chronological existence, 1809-1849, the characters instead are depicted in slyly grotesque garments that reference the dark world inhabited by Poe, incorporating black, spikey umbrella farthingales, bizarre top hats and twisted morning coats, in a witty interpretation of Poe's morose and moribund poetry.
It was all so long ago, even the word petticoat sounds like something from another era like farthingale or furbelow.
Again, the modern is set against the ancient: spectators in jeans and jackets sit on oak forms roaring approval at the boy in wimple and farthingale who twirls "her" roiling pin like a cricket bat, threatening physical damage in slapstick routines that provoke groans of recognition.
This "Spanish farthingale," as it was called, when first introduced in Spain in the middle of the sixteenth century was restricted to court usage, but then became the dress of elegance par excellence.
Chapter One covers females (pun intended) in bloomers, hoop skirts, the farthingale, the bun roll, Mary Quant's mini, pantyhose, corsets, Victorian bathing suits, and string bikinis.
she turned the house topsy-turvy; cut the noses out of the old portraits, and chewed the jewels out of the settings, killed the little home animals, spoiled the dinners, pranced in the garden with Madam Willoughby's farthingale, and royal stiff brocades rustling yards behind,--this atom of a shrimp,--or balanced herself with her heels in the air over the curb of the well, scraped up the dead leaves under one corner of the house and fired them,--a favorite occupation,--and if you left her stirring a mess in the kitchen, you met her, perhaps, perched in the china-closet and mumbling all manner of demoniacal prayers, twisting, writhing, and screaming over a string of amber gods that she had brought with her and always wore.
Thorough attention is given to the impact of the farthingale and other fashions upon the construction and presentation of images.
Urgently needed counselling so had lunch at the Fourposter and Farthingale with Cassandra, to talk over latest problems while picking at congealed vegetarian lasagne and swigging bottle of Botswana Ultra Lite.
Not until she's struggled free of her body's snare as from a farthingale, not until she's gone through the hoops of we're and bone and peeled that great prepuce
Some will have it that it portends the Downfall of the French King, and observe that the Farthingale appeared in England a little before the Ruin of the Spanish Monarchy.
Deborah Wilkinson - known as Debbie - was discovered dead at her semi-detatched house in Farthingale Way, Hemlington, Middlesbrough, on August 19 last year.
However, as Eyre prospers, he moves up into well-heeled government circles and his raucous wife (the hugely comic Vivien Parry) fusses along beside him, assuming a fake genteel accent as her farthingale and his girth grows wider by the minute.
Each actor wore a mirror version of the same costume, half farthingale dress, half doublet and hose.
SUNDAY MUSIC - CLASSICAL CARDIFF: National Museum Cardiff (029 2039 7951), Farthingale Ensemble.