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a former British bronze coin worth a quarter of a penny

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Ablewhite, senior, refused to lend his son a farthing.
He never gave away a farthing in his life," growled Tinker.
Tinker, flinging down the coin; it's only baronets as cares about farthings.
Tinker, surlily; "because he looks to his farthings.
I should be five years getting to it, and should have to spend two hundred a year in going circuit before I had earned a farthing.
muttered Phoebus, "targes, big-blanks, little blanks, mailles,* every two worth one of Tournay, farthings of Paris, real eagle liards
He thrust his hand into his pouch, but not a scrap nor a farthing was there.
Prythee tell it speedily, for I am a tinker by trade, as thou seest, and as I am in my trade I am greedy for news, even as a priest is greedy for farthings.
Every farthing he has in the world," said my mother, "is to be thrown into that hateful speculation.
It was to save them from absolute destruction I parted with your dear present, notwithstanding all the value I had for it: I sold the horse for them, and they have every farthing of the money.
That is to say, not one farthing of the twenty thousand pounds was to go to Miss Halcombe, or to any other relative or friend of Lady Glyde's.
The joke is just worth the odd farthing it was made for.
At forty millions, five hundred and sixty thousand, two hundred livres, nine cents, eight farthings," replied Colbert.
I mean," said Colbert, "that besides those forty millions, five hundred and sixty thousand, two hundred livres, nine cents, eight farthings, there are thirteen millions that are not known.
Raymond Farthing went on the rampage after his wife told him she had had sex with a black man, a court was told.