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Located near the border gate with Georgia, Artvin sits at the farthermost end of the eastern Black Sea region.
Everyman's Patagonia: "The Lucidity of Loneliness" in the Earth's Farthermost Place
You are as close to us as breathing, yet you are farther than the farthermost star.
Marys, "his stentorian voice could be distinctly heard to the farthermost corner of the grounds and his decisions rang out firmly, from which there was no appeal.
And goest too Like him, ghosting me to farthermost Antipodes, Native To live There with some pale, timid, forlorn race Of twilit savages That's never seen thy face.
Since their orphanage was in the farthermost sticks of the southwestern Choctaw Nation, where the only women were wraithlike crones who came once a week to wash the clothes, many of the boys were in fact concerned less with the fruits of crime than with the amazing women promenading through the crowd behind their formidable madams in bright, deeply slashed pastel dresses.
As these victories were being celebrated in Rome and Lecce and setbacks experienced in the Protestant European North, Manila was being born as its farthermost outpost in the Orient.
This essay examines representations of peatland in the farthermost north-east region of Ulster, in a seminal poem, Kathlin (1820), by one of the foremost, labouring-class Ulster-Scots writers of the Romantic era, Thomas Beggs.
We want to place the next sensor at the farthermost point from the current placement, in terms of both of distance for regularity and variance.
Farthermost found the winner's circle for the first time following a string of placed efforts when coming late and fast to deny Shakespeare's Son in the 6f handicap.
Everyman's Patagonia: "Lucidity of Loneliness" in the Farthermost Place
At 48, Ribot's musical memory encompasses the great pop standards, jazz classics, rock hits, soul songs and the farthermost edge of current jazz styles.
Furthermore, in spite of the fact that through tainted communion with these men it has been established in the farthermost parts of the earth, even whom they have formerly been blaming and bringing charges against, all of them have been unable to substantiate their charges.
Superduper stretched two and a quarter lengths clear of stablemate Farthermost, with Hughes not having to get too serious after taking up the running at halfway on the daughter of Erhaab.
Among Hughes's rides at Windsor 48 hours after the birth were Daddy's Gift and Farthermost.