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Synonyms for farsighted

characterized by foresight

Synonyms for farsighted

able to see distant objects clearly

planning prudently for the future

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The farsighted patient has been largely neglected thus far in this refractive revolution and we are trying to give our customers any assistance they may need in attracting farsighted patients to their practices," said Richard T.
For many years farsighted homeowners across the country have been doing just that--restoring native ecosystems in their yards.
When UCLA fell behind, senior Zack Seal admitted a matchup against USC was ``starting to look a little bit farsighted.
In the farsighted, or hyperopic, eye, the eye is short; images focus behind the retina, causing nearby objects to blur.
Meanwhile, better utilization of existing timber resources is already increasing productivity, and farsighted forest managers see that improvement as even more important in the future.
The basis for the Company's growth is a formula for rolling-up available Central Appalachian properties through a combination of effective financing strategies, farsighted management with long industry experience, and leveraging acquisition-friendly conditions in the coal industry.
While to the farsighted, there persists storm clouds on the horizon, for those of us in the real estate business in the outer-boroughs are still enjoying pleasant weather.
And with the federal approval, the 30 million farsighted people in the country now have a chance to see without glasses that fog up in the heat or get splattered in the rain, or contact lenses that dry up in air conditioning or float away during a swim.
Right from its beginning in 1875, when a group of farsighted nurserymen, doctors, lawyers, professors, and other interested citizens founded the organization, AFA has sought to find sensible ways to preserve and extend all the benefits of trees and forests to as many Americans as possible.
Sanders of the University of Illinois in Chicago, shows that most of the eyes operated on in 55 patients continued to change three to four years after the operation, becoming more farsighted or more nearsighted.
And that's just the first act of ``Of Thee I Sing,'' the Pulitzer Prize-winning George and Ira Gershwin musical, with a book so eerily farsighted that it seems to have been written by Jeanne Dixon rather than George S.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's farsighted leadership and a united California Congressional delegation, communities across California have been very successful in defending their military bases from closure," said Council Co-Chairs Panetta and Tuttle.
Clinton began the initiative in June 1997 with bold and farsighted words delivered at the University of California, San Diego.