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Synonyms for farseeing

capable of seeing to a great distance

planning prudently for the future

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It is the best-run, most farseeing, intuitively brilliant, environmentally friendly, sexual equality conscious, racially aware, daylight-saving, job-sharing, liberal, fertiliser-free, organically farmed, fair trade organisation of any sort, anywhere in the world.
It is one tangible result of a farseeing project conceived in the mid-1980s, when both the country and its churches were convulsed by bitter ethnic, political, and ecclesiastical confusion, suspicion, misrepresentation, and outright conflict.
IOM and the GICDF share the vision about migration as a human phenomenon, which has to be dealt with a comprehensive and farseeing approach.
Proponents are farseeing venture businessmen who also want to provide a service to the handicapped and medically needy of their respective communities.
With his young, farseeing eyes, he showed us three sharptails in the middle of a cut soybean field.
Therefore this well led, farseeing, and thinking countermeasure is better than any technical solution.
It is more akin to the confidence-building talk fests and farseeing mechanisms of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) that saw the West and East--starting in the 1960s through to the end of the Cold War--regularly engage in multilateral diplomatic exchanges on security, trade, and "human dimension" issues.
Although, one does wonder if we really need three photographic portraits of George Edwardes in quick succession in a not altogether successful attempt to prove the author's suggestion that they 'seem undecided as to whether his eyes are simply farseeing or betray a slight anxiety over what might meet his gaze'.
I could not think of any on-duty misdemeanour to warrant disciplinary action and if she was going to bawl me out farseeing Red at unorthodox times, why single me out from all the others?
It allows Bissinger to craft a story about a farseeing manager who's always trying to stay two steps ahead of his opponent, who obsesses over his players and does his best to keep them in line and keep their heads straight; a manager whose tactical genius has a profound effect on the outcome of games he manages, and whose random thoughts on the game are as valuable and accurate as the most rigorous statistical studies.
This would have been a worthy and farseeing policy if only it had been presented as such before the invasion and applied to our allies as well as our enemies.
Another trend uncovered by the farseeing Survey as early as 1997 was that smaller, fast-moving, low cost California communities are competing successfully against major, well-established industrial and commercial centers.