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the production of a litter of pigs

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Total transportation time from the farrowing crate to the nursery pen was 10 minutes.
Piglet mortality on British farms using farrowing crates runs high at 13%, but can be lower abroad.
As opposed to farrowing crates, farrowing pens allow more expression of natural instincts related to farrowing, such as nesting behaviors.
Other horrific pictures show the sores that sows suffer from the cramped farrowing crates they are kept in - and a skip full of discarded dead pigs.
The farrowing crate is a metal cage in which sows are confined a week before giving birth and remain imprisoned until their pig lets are 3-4 weeks old.
suffering Pig with a big, open sore on its side is held in a farrowing crate
Xin, "Responses of Piglets to Creep Heat Type and Location in Farrowing Crate," Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Vol.
The full-height guardrails (bars from a standard farrowing crate flared outward) surrounding the sow gives the piglets protection from crushing--the greatest cause of piglet deaths in every environment examined.
These sows live in these crates for their entire 4 month pregnancies, before being moved to a slightly larger farrowing crate where they give birth and nurse for a period of two to three weeks until their babies are removed from them to be raised for slaughter.
After farrowing, sows had ad libitum access to water via a drinker located in the feed trough in each farrowing crate.
Farrowing crate A crate or cage in which a sow is placed at time of farrowing.
2011); however, showed that the farrowing crate can reduce piglet losses due to crushing, but increase deaths due to other causes, and thus the crate system makes no contribution to reducing total piglet losses compared with non-crated systems.
After 110 days of gestation, gilts were all moved to farrowing crate (2.
The temperature and relative air humidity, inside and outside the farrowing crate were recorded every 30 min, during the experimental period, using a digital thermo-hygrometer.