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We are very excited to be working with The Cynja team," said Matty Ryan, Chief Creative Officer of Farrago Comics.
But this farrago of squandered millions and mismanagement is not only an abject failure of our politicians in Edinburgh city chambers, but also those sitting a few hundred yards down the Royal Mile in our parliament.
Even in my dark days (last week) of addiction to absinthe, Domestos and Sunny D, I doubt my brain would have been addled enough to devise a scenario in which a national radio interview with UKIP leader Nigel Farrago came as a welcome relief--but only because he directly followed Nick "I can't think of a sobriquet that would not get me sued" Griffin of the BNP.
Regrettably this farrago is aided and abetted by some Optometric Advisers.
He wished for mankind to embrace brotherhood and unity and come together with their brethren, in a farrago of colours.
NOW I'm going to take a more oblique slant on the Location, Location, Location farrago.
After deserting the war, Liberty visits the familial estate at Redemption Hall, where he is shocked by his grandfather's pseudo-scientific plot--a "vicious farrago of humbug, deluded fancy, and crackpot ethnology"--to turn blacks white.
Fakenham clerk of the course David Hunter defends his fencemen after the final-flight farrago, saying they "did exactly what they were supposed to do"
The resultant tasteless farrago demonstrates that he did not.
The Opera House farrago, Murray suggests, advanced not only methods of structural analysis and construction techniques, but also unintentionally argued the case for project management, and for limited, rather than open, architectural competitions where organizers can check architects' track-records before inviting them to participate.
The best story to emerge from the whole farrago is the fact that Hussein put his belly-dancing former mistress in charge of the antiquities market in the north.
I could also find no single instance in the notes, except perhaps one, where Turner has actually consulted a real archive (as opposed to a scholarly library): the mind-numbing business of going through legal records provides quick assurance that most early modern life was not a sexual farrago, however pervasive its sexual paradigms were in shaping experience.
Douglas Farrago believes that a little humor might be just the cure for medicine's ills.
Farrago, noting that physicians face a host of serious problems these days.
Farrago spends many of his weekends and days off producing a humor magazine that takes plenty of jabs at health care.