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Synonyms for farness

the fact or condition of being far removed or apart

Synonyms for farness

the property of being remote

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In a speech to the 25th Economic Summit of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (COMCEC) in Istanbul President al-Assad added:" What we have done since the foundation and through a simple comparison with other international gatherings which emerged after thefoundation of our organization and have made great strides in the field of economic cooperation among its countries, we directly see farness of the distance which separates between our reality and aspirations of our peoples in building a strong, broad and deep-rooted relationship among them which agrees with many cultural and social elements compiled by history and invests the wide space posed by Islamic world of all its rich and varied potentials and resources.
A feeling of farness and feeling like someone is extracting my soul from my body.
In this capacity he consolidated his reputation for farness and the ability to listen to various voices before taking major decisions.
Accordingly, liberal education should concentrate on the languages and literature of the ancients, of the Greeks and Romans, because of both their farness and their nearness.
Next door, David Farness was in the rear yard of his parents' home when he saw smoke.
experienced as both nearness and farness, the beyond of Oppen's
135 - Nate Farness, NS, p Brian Kernutt, Wil, 1:35.
Dasein is characterized through its being-in-the-world establishing a farness from the ready-to-hand.
As in electronic writing, which I find a highly charged and essentially erotic space, I have, from time to time, here attempted the splitting off of narrative or linguistic instants to both accentuate and dramatize the nearness and the farness of the various language and narrative constructions, with the hope of refining those proximities and creating new forms of yearning.
In order to measure and determine genetic distance farness and closeness period relativity and non-relativity and patterns of genetic diversity in resistance to yellow rust, a cluster method was used.
In this epistemology, the Universe--in the likeness of Reality itself--is therefore most tangible and most elusive at once: it is "that which draws near from farness and draws far from nearness".
John Casken's Farness, setting poems by Carol Ann Duffy, was strongly performed by soprano Patricia Rozario and viola Ruth Kilius, but did the texts suggest to Casken the sounds of viola and soprano or did he pre-determine those timbres?
24) Picking randomly again, another parallel, describing the imagination's surpassing of sensory response, can be found in Hunt's essay "Far Countries," in "the fondness which imaginative times and people have shown for what is personally remote from them; for what is opposed to their own individual consciousness, even in range of space, in farness of situation.
140 - Steve McGrew, NB, d Nathan Farness, NS, 10-4.