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an area adjacent to farm buildings

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And, as he came out into the farmyard, Levin, like a tree in spring that knows not what form will be taken by the young shoots and twigs imprisoned in its swelling buds, hardly knew what undertakings he was going to begin upon now in the farm work that was so dear to him.
And Levin rode through the slush of the farmyard to the gate and out into the open country, his good little horse, after his long inactivity, stepping out gallantly, snorting over the pools, and asking, as it were, for guidance.
Tulliver than the behavior of the farmyard gate, which he no sooner attempted to push open with his riding-stick than it acted as gates without the upper hinge are known to do, to the peril of shins, whether equine or human.
So farmers are being warned that it is likely that more rats will be seen in farmyards this winter than last year.
SAUCY soap stars Sammy Winward and Amy Nuttall show why they are farmyards ahead in the race to be TV's sexiest actress.
Their study found badgers regularly venture into cow sheds, cattle troughs and farmyards in search of food and sometimes shelter.
As diverse as the southern farmyards and backyards where these stories were recorded, there are more than 600 folktales divided into chapters like God Tales, Devil Tales, John and Massa Tales, and Talking Animal tales.
Some move into farmyards, where there is plenty of spilt grain for them to eat.
Criminals try to take advantage of long dark nights to get into farmyards, riding stables and gardens without being seen.
Thousands of euros worth of farm machinery and equipment is stolen every week with farmyards a major target for criminals.
The building process is very basic -- stones are slightly polished and set without mortar, but the results are powerful vernacular architecture: stairs, ramps, dividing walls, sewers for rain water, farmyards and small protection houses.
I've added lots of new ceramics, including combining my passion for farm animals by creating items themed around farmyards.
If we'd seen news footage of French cows wobbling around their farmyards and pictures of French people dying from CJD, would we want to eat their beef?
THERE has been a major rise in deaths in the workplace after a year of tragic accidents on building sites and farmyards.