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Synonyms for farmstead

the buildings and adjacent grounds of a farm

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a farm together with its buildings

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Farm workers had only limited possibilities of acquiring their own farmsteads, since the children of farm holders tended to marry the children of other farm holders, and strong inheritance rights kept farms within the same family.
A sixth has been created by restoring a ruined farmstead.
It is a farmstead, actually the first such project of it's kind in the United States, created in the image of Somerset Court in England (Elgar, 1991).
The farmstead offers work in areas of horticulture, greenhouse management, woodworking, animal care, landscaping and home-making.
Individual farmsteads will range in size from three to 15 acres, allowing for a main home, plus those for other optional buildings, such as barns, guesthouses and stables.
On one of these trips Sir Kyffin went to Caerau, near Llanfairynghornwy, on Anglesey, to paint one of the whitewashed farmsteads.
The athletes' housing for the Lillehammer winter Olympic Games is an attempt to generate the notion of village in Norway while drawing on the immemorial tradition of Gudbrandsdal farmsteads.