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Synonyms for farmland

a rural area where farming is practiced


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arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

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Agcapita's series of farmland funds continue to show great appeal to conservative investors concerned with inflation and the volatility of their existing public equity investments.
Farmland is still seeking buyers for its petroleum assets, including a refinery at Coffeyville, Kan.
He believed there was a need for an agricultural school in the Valley, which was still largely farmland.
In one of the largest agricultural land transfers in California history, Richland and the Farmland Trust took advantage of a rarely used law, referred to as a "Williamson Act Easement Exchange," to set aside agricultural land in San Joaquin County forever.
This leaves investors seeking exposure to Canadian farmland to deploy capital through private investment vehicles.
We must encourage sound conservation practices today, through programs such as RCPP, so that farmland remains healthy and able to support the needs of future generations.
In other Farmland news, it has sold the bulk of its fertilizer assets in a court-approved auction to Wichita-based Koch Nitrogen Co.
Nowhere is the change more apparent than along Highway 101, the county's central connector that runs flat across some of the most productive farmland in the world.
AFT could not be more pleased that Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature answered the call more than 225 members of the agriculture community made at our conference last November in Albany to restart the Farmland Protection Program," said Andrew McElwaine, President and CEO of American Farmland Trust.
30) helped keep the Kansas cooperative's head above water, the sale or revamping of Farmland Industries' meat business may provide the final avenue out of bankruptcy for a much smaller business.
The most immediate effect of the bankruptcy is that local Farmland-affiliated co-ops will be forced to their stock investment in Farmland.
The fund is now fully deployed, after acquiring 2,500 acres of high quality, irrigated farmland in eastern Arkansas.
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