farming area

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a rural area where farming is practiced


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This is prime farmland, with very good soils in the heart one of Indiana's best farming areas, capable of producing excellent yields of corn and soybeans.
She added, It s a farming area, so it s suited for chicken farms.
The car was later found abandoned in a field in the farming area of Kissonerga.
I'm very lucky to be working with a great team at the York office, representing the NFU across this incredibly diverse farming area," said Mr Kay.
It's a diverse region, with a strong livestock farming area, so I'll be staying involved on the livestock side," he said.
Radio 4's Farming Today reported from a dairy farming area which once had more than 100 milk producing farms for the British market, but subsidies stopped and now there is only one dairy farm left in that area.
Witnesses said the aircraft came down in a farming area and smoke could be seen billowing from the wreckage.
Hatton Country World, near Warwick, has kept its farming area closed over the past month because of the outbreak.
The 1930s saw the arrival of an organization that would eventually change a sleepy farming area into Aerospace Valley.
The Coordinator General is working with Aurizon, to clarify that future upgrades to the existing rail line in the intensive farming area near Merinda can be generally contained within the current Aurizon rail corridor, he said.
Antonis Adonis died on Sunday when he was crushed to death by a 400 kilo bail of straw at his farm in the Limnes farming area in the Famagusta district village of Avgorou.
Tucked away in the heart of the food and farming area of South Cheshire, the event celebrates local and regional food and drink products grown, reared or produced within a 100 mile radius of Nantwich.
A tornado sped through a largely uninhabited farming area between Camarillo and the coastline before dissipating near Point Mugu, causing no damage and no injuries.
Predominantly a farming area, there was a spate of suicides in the months following the FMD outbreak.
There's also a potential for a hard freeze in the San Joaquin Valley farming area, where Christmas morning may be the coldest of the season so far, the NWS said.