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a woman working on a farm

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Like John Murrell's powerful play, Waiting For the Parade, Gisela Sherman's The Farmerettes focuses on young women on the home front in Canada during World War II.
She twice won the Hamilton and Region Arts Council Best Children's Book Award and was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People for her most recent novel, The Farmerettes.
February--Karen Richardson: The Grand River Navigation Company; March--David Webb: One Jam Berry After Another: The Ontario Farm Service Corps and the Farmerettes during the Great War; April--David Hemmings: The Canadian Contribution to World War I; and May--Geoff Bowden: The Language of the Fan.
Their presence aroused tensions over class and gender, but the Land Girls, or farmerettes as they were tagged in the USA, often experienced a sense of independence and adventure through their work.
Weiss, a journalist, tells the story of the women who served in the Woman's Land Army of America during World War I, known as farmerettes, who took over farm work in the rural parts of the country after men were called to fight in the war.
teeth among some of our farmerettes and of course the land speaks
Senior and junior tractor and horse ploughing are held over all three days and include conventional two, three and four furrow, reversible and vintage competitions in which there were a total of 330 entries, amongst them 19 lady challengers, known as farmerettes.
Poulsen's And Then the Sky Exploded, Another Me by Eva Wiseman and The Farmerettes by Gisela Tobien Sherman.