farmer's lung

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alveolitis caused by an allergic reaction to fungal spores in the dust that is inhaled from moldy hay

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Retrospective observational case studies heavily weighted toward patients with farmer's lung demonstrate a collective mortality rate of 6.
We have farmer's lung, tennis elbow, jogger's nipple, athlete's foot, bird fancier's lung, waiter's palsy, writer's cramp, dowager's hump, yuppie flu and many others.
He is eight, after all, and despite a career beset by rotten bad luck, two legs shorter than the others and a touch of the old farmer's lung, he's soldiered on past his century of races, managing nine wins and 22 places for a gratifying 137 grand and change.
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, sometimes called farmer's lung when high levels of spores from moldy hay and silage are inhaled, usually goes away after four to 12 hours.
Also, the elevated CD4/CD8 ratio seen in the BALF in hot tub lung is not typical for HP, although there are reports of variable or increased ratios described with farmer's lung (Ando et al.
My uncle had suffered ill health with farmer's lung and had not done much to the farm, so everything needed improving,' said Richard, who is Meirionnydd county chair for NFU Cymru.
Types of occupational HP include farmer's lung, bird fancier's lung, and mushroom worker's lung.
One we see more often these days is aspergillosis, which was often linked to Farmer's Lung - a severe form of asthma caused by mould.