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an open-air marketplace for farm products

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Grown and processed in Oregon under strict Oregon Tilth organic agricultural requirements, Farmer's Market pumpkin is pureed Golden Pumpkin, a variety known for its color and sweet taste.
The Farmer's Market kitchen is being built in conjunction with Reed Residential Group, publisher of Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler, and co-sponsor D.
Debuting in fragrances including Berry Crumble, Mandarin Cranberry and Cinnamon Apple Berry, Farmer's Market candles will feature an ever-changing variety throughout the year (ideal for year 'round gift-giving), bringing home the season's best scents, picked fresh just for you.
Start a new Thanksgiving morning tradition with Thanksgiving Morning Pumpkin Muffins, courtesy of The Farmer's Market Collection: Above and Beyond
Lily Hoffman, whose father Movsha Hoffman was killed and whose mother sustained serious injuries in the Santa Monica Farmer's Market incident commented that: "We want to see that justice is fully served in both the criminal case and in our civil case.
The newly established Central Sarasota Farmer's Market has created a buzz around the Proctor and Beneva area of Sarasota Florida.
The San Antonio Farmer's Market Association was on the pilot originally, but Juan Gonzalez, the association's president, said the program was too complicated and they stopped using it after a couple of months.
The volunteers who will donate their time and talent include Neubert Painting employees as well as employees from Cleveland-based Sherwin-Williams, which is also donating the 70 gallons of paint needed to complete the Coit Road Farmer's Market transformation.
The indoor farmer's market is next to Eugene Saturday Market's Holiday Market, where local artists sell handcrafted gifts.
Citizens and farmers alike are very proud of this iconic market, which has received international acclaim as a model farmer's market and lynchpin of Portland's downtown core.
For more information on the farmer's market program or the Farmers' Market Management Network , visit: www.
A spokesman for the organisers said: "The heavy rain and subsequent floods have caused huge problems for many of the farmers and organic food producers hoping to attend the first Castle Vale Farmer's Market planned for this Saturday.
Combine 1 can each Farmer's Market pumpkin and sweet potato puree with 3/4 tsp.
Spruce Pine Farmer's Market Tailgate Market Where: Topaz Street between Upper and Lower Streets, downtown Spruce Pine in the parking lot adjacent to the Mitchell News Journal.
Pausing beneath a canvas stall at the Marin County Farmer's Market in San Rafael, she shakes drops of water from a bunch of rainbow chard.