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a minor-league team that is owned by a major-league team (especially in baseball)

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The Farm Journal Foundation Farm Team is a national network of farmers who are passionate about the role of agriculture in addressing hunger around the world, as an example," says Mercier.
The lead farmer for the Arkansas Farm Journal Foundation Farm Team, John Paul Pendergrass, director of Innovative Livestock Services Inc.
Lasorda spent 11 years in the organization as a player, winning 66 games in five seasons (1950-54) with the top farm team in Montreal before a 1954 call-up.
Although many sports franchises have farm teams to support the ebb and flow of their rosters, insurance provides additional options to both teams and players.
Red Sox farm teams swept their minor league doubleheader at Fenway Park yesterday in front of 34,746 fans.
In the first half of the period, from the 1920s to the 1960s, management maintained a strict system of racial segregation, established farm teams that provided a cheap source of replacement labor and crushed attempts by players at creating collective bargaining systems.
Borchard (Camarillo) made quick but successful stops at three White Sox farm teams, including Double-A Birmingham.
RED House Farm teams the Eagles and the Jets clashed in the Under-Nine League, the Eagles emerging 4-1 winners.
BOTH Red House Farm teams in the Under-Nine Green League enjoyed comfortable home wins.