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Wilfred Abies, who lived west of Clay Center, Kansas, came home with many unusual farm machines over the years.
As we pulled and pushed the old farm machine up into the pile at the "old wading pool" (we stored our scrap there till it was picked up in a truck), the yard guard (now called campus monitors) said we were in trouble and escorted us in our disheveled condition in to the school principal, Miss Doris Killons.
It takes courage for a grower to modify an expensive farm machine so that it marches the wheel-span of other implements on the property, probably voiding its warranty.
China has agreed to cooperate in the development of hybrid rice seeds, pesticide industry, compound fertilizer industry, farm machine manufacturing and animal feed production.
He had moved from Surrey to Oswestry, Shropshire, shortly afterwards and travelled around Britain as a farm machine repair man.
Charlene Wilson, a cousin of 15-year-old Lorraine Wilson who died in the blast two years ago, fell from a farm machine into the path of a tractor being driven by her dad on Tuesday.
Some of his stretchers are farm machine parts, and he uses disk blades (farm implements), grates, barn flooring and machine hatch covers in his tables.
It was a Heider, the best farm machine of its time, that we were demonstrating at the Salem Fairgrounds in 1917.
com/research/846045/research_report_of) has announced the addition of the "Research Report of Chinas Farm Machine Industry" report to their offering.
The first self-propelled farm machine to land on Australian shores was a Boydell-Garrett steam traction engine that was shipped from England by sailing boat in 1852.
Officers say they are uncertain how long Field stayed in the region but it is known he later travelled around Britain as a farm machine repairer.
But since the attack, McKenzie, a dairy farm machine operator, and his family have received threatening telephone calls and letters.
Kevin Curran got his kicks on Route 66 but never went faster than 30kmh on his 1963 vintage Fordson farm machine.
The most recent two major acquisitions related to a majority holding in Pirelli's farm machine tires operations and the current year's acquisition of Invensys' Antivibration Systems for the automotive industry.
The seat pictured on page 4 of the March issue of Farm Collector may have been confusing to Erwin Fullerton because it isn't from a farm machine.
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