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a girl who has grown up on a farm

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A quick Google search shows that far from being a humble farm girl whose dreams of stardom had been mucked up by mucking out, Hannah has quite an impressive CV to her name, including a stint on Britain's Got Talent.
It was here that I pretended I was a farm girl, and where I felt my truest version of a Mississippian.
secured the soles of his shoes with rubber bands and the farm girl who
BACON: Pork belly from Farm Girl Meats, in Houston, then house-cured and apple-wood-smoked by H.
True Grit BBC2, 10pm Farm girl Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) sets out to capture Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), an assassin who murdered her father.
One of the central characters in "The Drop" is a puppy, and farm girl Noomi is happy about that.
but after a week of it / my grandmother / old farm girl that she
Farm Girl is her 26th book and her sixth non-fiction publication.
Wood will portray Dolores Abernathy, the quintessential farm girl of the frontier west, who will discover that her entire idyllic existence was an elaborately constructed lie.
As Laura and I embrace our Lil' Farm Girl, she is often covered with a film of Aunt Sue's homemade applesauce, Grandma's famous chicken soup, and Grandpa's dirt.
A well-to-do "straight" girl and a lesbian farm girl certainly could never truly and openly be together.
The title role--of a disfigured farm girl who buses through the segregated American South in 1964 to be healed by an evangelical preacher in Tulsa--feels tailor-made for Broadway It-Girl Sutton Foster ("Anything Goes"), whose galvanic concert perf at Encores
Josefina Gabrielle costars as Laurey, a farm girl who catches Curly's eye; and Shuler Hensley plays Jud Fry, a farm hand obsessed with Laurey.
ROCKET GIRL: THE STORY OF MARY SHERMAN MORGAN, AMERICA'S FIRST FEMALE ROCKET SCIENTIST tells of a young farm girl who wants to become a chemist back in 1938, the same year that a young German rocket enthusiast dreamed of building a rocket that could fly him to the moon.
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