farm girl

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a girl who has grown up on a farm

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By examining in-depth the short, yet focused life of Joan -- a young farm girl who was chosen by God to crown a King and save a nation -- our program provides viewers a detailed explanation as to why her tale resonates with people of all faiths.
Farm girl Maire is soon thrown into turmoil when she finds herself caught between the affections of a young Lieutenant Yolland and the local aspiring school teacher, Manus.
ROCKET GIRL: THE STORY OF MARY SHERMAN MORGAN, AMERICA'S FIRST FEMALE ROCKET SCIENTIST tells of a young farm girl who wants to become a chemist back in 1938, the same year that a young German rocket enthusiast dreamed of building a rocket that could fly him to the moon.
tells the story of farm girl Laurey and the two rivals for her affections, happy go-lucky cowboy Curly and the sinister farm hand Jud.
Starring Charlotte May - a 19-year-old student from Cullercoats - as the love-struck farm girl Laurey Williams, and Ian Nugent - a Barclays bank customer adviser from Gateshead, as cowboy Curly McLain, the play has been funded entirely by the society and will run until Saturday March 1.
Film -- True Grit at 7pm on OSN Movies Festival Following the murder of her father by hired hand Tom Chaney, 14-year-old farm girl Mattie Ross sets out to capture the killer.
Annie Affleck is only an eleven-year-old Kansas farm girl when a masked robber invades her home one March night and threatens the family with a gun, shooting at Annie's father.
The new Farm Girl line of jams, jellies, honey, syrup.
Oklahoma has many fans because it weaves memorable tunes into a pair of romances particularly that of cowboy Curly McLain and head-strong farm girl Laurey Williams whose entanglement with the dark and disturbing farm hand, Jud Fry gives the show a powerful edge.
Too, we may remember her appearance as an older woman; the serious-looking portrait of a Wisconsin farm girl in this little book surely will stay with us.
Cate Le Bon is the former West Walian farm girl, now resident in the Welsh capital, who has a presence that is imbued with a sizeable sense of off-kilter cool.
The former West Walian farm girl, now resident in the Welsh capital, has a presence which is imbued with a sizeable sense of off-kilter cool.
A tiny farm girl is raking spaghetti from a tube; a small bear is peeking from a mug; a mini hard-hat workman is installing tomato into a burger and a little girl is struggling to keep the monkeys away from the cake pops.
It's a magical realism story about what might have happened if this young farm girl had had the knowledge to build a television receiver," McVay says.
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