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Often old farm buildings fall into decay through lack of use and care.
DAMAGE TO farm buildings, homes and vehicles caused by this week's storms is likely to cost at least pounds 5m.
The meeting at Donkin Rigg Farm near Morpeth will also look at how making small changes to farm buildings can significantly improve stock health and will review the scheme's summer activities and forthcoming plans.
An impressive small scale hydro-electric plant together with biomass boiler set up for producing power and kiln drying of timber in Gwent has been awarded the 2015 Royal Welsh Agricultural Society's Farm Buildings and Works Competition.
Contract award: 30095 e7 0003 ernst moritz arndt university, greifswald, former department of internal medicine, new canteen / refurbishment farm buildings loefflerstrasse 23; telecommunications, 14e0145g.
But when he arrived at the meeting place a gun was pulled on him and he was held captive in a disused farm building at Newtownstalaban, outside Drogheda, Co Louth, for several hours.
FIRE crews spent three hours fighting a blaze in a farm building today.
Kent police said today that the manager remembered being driven to a farm building somewhere in west Kent, where a gun was held to his head.
The air in a modern farm building contains many bacteria that are invulnerable to several antibiotics, according to a new report.
Farmers wanted the latest technologies but needed detailed plans to assist them in translating research results into farm building and equipment design.
A statement from the force yesterday read: "A farm building which houses hay bales is currently alight, and it may take some time to get the fire under control.
Contract notice: Construction of a farm building and an awning.
And they called for extra back-up as 100% of the farm building measuring 25m by 5m went up in flames.
Police discovered what they describe as a "large quantity" of cannabis plants growing in a farm building at Bulkington.
RURAL raiders ransacked a farm building and escaped with a haul including an excavator and a quad bike.