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a boy who has grown up on a farm

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Well, I did marry a farm boy and now own my grandparents' farm.
Told in two separate parts, this book explores the stories of a farm boy called Sam, who is forced to serve on board HMS Victory, and a girl called Molly who is forced to leave modern-day London and live in America.
Although Mecham travels the region with DFCU, and across the country in his additional role as chairman of the board of directors of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), he still considers himself just a farm boy from Idaho.
Can former farm boy Lemuel bond with the tight-knit fisherfolk?
Arjen is still but a stripling of a farm boy when he discovers within his being an insatiable fascination with the wonder of the heavenly bodies.
The American Civil War didn't affect just Americans--"The Youngest Spy" follows George Duguay, a Canadian farm boy as he falls into a job of spying on the Union army as they seeming plot to invade Canada--as he befriends countless people on every side of the conflict and must face the harsh decision of having to betray one of them.
Danny and Life on Bluff Point: The Conflict" by Mary Ellen Lee is the story of a ten year-old farm boy, Danny Lee.
Robey sets out on his quest as a naive farm boy and must learn the ways of the world in order to survive.
Reeves chronicles Rutherford's journey from scholarship-winning farm boy to eminent physicist, describing how Rutherford's force of personality not only drove his own accomplishments but also inspired Nobel-winning work by more than a dozen of his students and coworkers.
The Ark's designer, the first of the space-born and a simple farm boy will challenge their worlds in this gripping thriller.
Teenager Edward Speleers takes the title role as a farm boy who finds a dragon's egg.
I got nailed to the cross, I'm just a plain little farm boy.
Talented young newcomer Ed Speleers, 18, plays the farm boy who finds a strange stone, which hatches into a baby dragon, Saphira.
The six-foot, two-inch farm boy from Ohio flew his first combat mission the first week of January 1944.