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any animals kept for use or profit

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In addition to meeting the American Humane Certified program's rigorous standards for farm animal welfare, Scandinavian Meat Masters is Non-GMO Project Verified and the first and only pork producer to achieve both certifications.
The RSPCA Farm Animal Welfare Hotline is a telephone helpline for farmers and livestock owners, not the general public.
I believe that animals humanely reared will produce a better quality product - so your choice will be good for farm animals, good for our farmers and good for you.
American Humane Association was founded in 1877 on the issue of farm animal welfare, and created the American Humane Certified(TM) program, the first and largest independent, third-party humane farm animal welfare certification and audit program.
Pigs will definitely fly this week as the Royal Mail issues a new set of stamps highlighting rare breed farm animals.
THE plight of farm animals in the North East is being highlighted in a week of campaigning by the RSPCA.
The study, which coincides with the current Farm Animal Week, showed that only 16% of consumers knew that most farmed chickens were slaughtered at around 35 days old.
Dr Rory Sullivan, expert adviser to BBFAW, added: "In our discussions with investors about the investment implications of farm animal welfare, two consistently recur: the lack of data on companies' management and performance, and the lack of useful tools to support investors in analysing and interpreting this data.
753, which would establish an 11-member "Livestock Board" designed to subvert democratically enacted farm animal protection legislation, including both bills currently under consideration in Massachusetts.
this new series, presented by Amanda GiVe a peT a hoMe (iTV, Wednesday, 8pm) w In this new series, presented by Amanda Holden, pictured, a team of famous faces will be mucking in (and mucking out) at newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Birmingham, caring for mistreated and abandoned creatures.
Farm animal medicine and surgery; for small animal veterinarians.
Dr Julia Wrathall RSPCA head of farm animal welfare Wilberforce Way, Southwater
Complementing earlier work done with the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), the CAHC, will update existing animal care codes for the poultry sector and develop three new codes of practice for additional sectors.
To mark the RSPCA's Farm Animal Week, a giant chicken run was built to show Assembly Members and others the tight space millions of chickens have to live in.